Nearest Fire Station for Insurance Policies (Beta)

Where is the nearest fire station? Enter an address to start your search. This map lists the 3 nearest fire stations with drive distance, drive time & driving rought used. To see the driving rought mouse over the fire station in the list. Fire stations 4-20 distances are measured as the crow flies (not driving distance).

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How this page works

This page retrieves the nearest 20 fire stations to a given address (as the crow flies). On the closest 3 fire stations, we also provide the drive time and the driving distance. When you click on the fire station to see details, a new tab is opened. That way, if you want to see a different fire station in the list of nearest fire stations, just close the tab to see the map and you don’t have to re-enter the insured address again.


Finding the nearest fire station

  1. Enter the address of the home or business to be insured
  2. Select the correct auto complete
  3. Press the search icon ().

Tip: On desktop computers, when you mouse over the top 3 results, you’ll see the path (in blue) showing the turn by turn used for drive time & distance.

Locating fire department/station's paid or volunteer status:

Fire departments show the paid/volunteer status and fire stations do not.

  1. Click on this fire department or fire station link and a new tab will be shown with the location's details.
  2. If this location is a fire department, scroll down to the bottom of the page and there is a "Statistics" section that usually shows paid/volunteer status.
  3. If this is a fire station (one of multiple fire locations belonging to the same fire organization) paid/volunteer status will not shown, you will have to visit the fire department profile to see paid/volunteer status. Do this by clicking on the fire department name in the breadcrumb control at the top of the fire station page (see image below).
    Breadcrumb control
  4. Repeat step 2 above.
  5. Close the fire department/station tab to see the nearest fire station map again.

Email this map to your insurance agent or underwriter:

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  2. Paste the link in the email to your insurance agent or underwriter.

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